GetFailover is the Perfect 4G Backup Internet Solution to protect your business from any unexpected internet outages or hardware failures

GetFailover from Cellbeat offers low cost and easy deployment network connectivity options for small, to medium size businesses with minimal capital requirement.


  • GetFailover backup internet 4G Enterprise Router , 4G/3G service plan, and ongoing tiers of support on a single monthly bill from Cellbeat
  • Remote managed services where Cellbeat will monitor and manage the solution; save the workload and let us handle it for you
  • Carrier coverage analysis for each site to help ensure the best carrier is selected for each customer location
  • Multiple carrier configuration that will allow you to have a backup to your backup at a very low rate
  • Ask about upgrading your firewall to one of our SD-WAN solutions
  • Saying Goodbye to Internet Outages

Cellbeat Failover Plans- No More Internet Outages

GetFailover Plans are fully customizable if needed, please reach out if you’d like a custom quote for your business today! We offer a variety of solutions for different industries that are wanted to stop internet outages from happening to them at all times. 


$ 9

Per Month

  • Pay as you Go (Data $29/GB when needed)
  • USB or Ethernet Device
  • Standard Device Support
  • Pre-Configuration
  • Router Purchase Required


$ 89

Per Month

  • 5 GB Monthly Cellular Data (additional data $29/GB)
  • USB or Ethernet Device
  • Remote Device Management
  • Data Management
  • Standard Device Support
  • Hardware Warranty
  • Pre-Configuration
  • 2 Year Agreement

WWAN Rental

$ 49

Per Day

  • $29/GB
  • Security Appliance
  • Primary Cellular Connectivity
  • Remote Device Management
  • Data Management
  • Advanced Device Support
  • Pre-Configuration
  • Deposit Required

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