SC950C HyperFire Cellular General Surveillance Camera


  • Includes all features of the SC950 Covert Surveillance Camera.
  • Cellular Modem transmits images via text messaging or e-mail
  • Send images to up to 4 cell phones and/or 2 e-mail addresses (dependent on carrier).
  • VERIZON Coverage Map
  • AT&T Coverage Map
  • SIM Card Installed by Reconyx (AT&T and International Carriers)
  • External Power Jack and Cable included.
  • Attach a Solar Panel Power Unit for the longest battery life.



The SC950 Cellular Enabled Security Camera is ideal for covert surveillance of people and activities. Its small size makes it easy to conceal, and simple setup is quick to deploy in the field.  The Cellular module transmits large thumbnail images (384×512) in near real time to up to 4 mobile phones and/or 2 email accounts (note: data plan only allows images to be sent to two e-mail addresses).


There are two types of plans for sending images. Please choose the type of plan and carrier that best meets your needs.

SMS/MMS: The camera sends images via MMS text message. The camera needs to be setup with a text message/MMS plan. You can send alerts to 4 phone numbers and 2 email addresses.

DATA: The camera sends images via email. The camera needs to be setup with a data plan. You can send alerts to 2 email addresses.

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