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Police officers work in extreme environments with no room for error. Officers handle high call volumes, cover expansive patrol areas, and rely on equipment operating on a variety of data networks. Cellbeat offers solutions that consolidate data access and integrate seamlessly with existing hardware and workflow processes, enabling law enforcement officers to do their job without worrying about their equipment.

Our hardware provides the backbone for all data driven applications – fusing GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi networks to provide police officers with real-time access to criminal records systems, GIS, and dispatch. Our in-vehicle systems and solutions allow officers and dispatchers to quickly coordinate resources in-field with the goal of providing the public with the highest level of service and protection.


  • Integrate communication systems including cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS and Ethernet
  • Single point for all applications including CAD, data lookups and GIS systems.
  • Access electronic records and maps from within the vehicle
  • Provide unbiased admissible, evidence and increase officer safety with an in-vehicle video system
  • Increase availability of field officers

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